Our classes are designed to help people get and stay in shape, at any fitness level! Ranging from HIIT to Pilates to Kickboxing, Vita Fitness puts an innovative spin on each class. We specialize in energizing our clients, who enjoy working hard, having fun, meeting targets, and seeing results.

Vita Boocamp

Think of this class as your boot camp. We combine strength and cardio, working with our battle ropes, sled, cable machine, dumbbells and more to push your body to the limit. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Vita Spin/Burn

Experience total body euphoria. We’ve combined indoor group cycling + full-body interval style mat exercises. This class is guaranteed to rev your metabolism, make you sweat and experience that muscle burn your body craves! Spin/Burn is low impact and great way to boost cardiovascular and muscular performance.

Vita Lift

This class includes a variety of weight bearing and loaded exercises to increase muscular strength and coordination in a functional way that helps prevent injuries and increases efficient muscular coordination. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Vita Core+Legs+Butt

This 45-Minute circuit style class will help you target your core, legs and butt! We will help condition these areas, get a great sweat on and end off with an amazing stretch! ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Vita Weekend Warrior

Come experience bootcamp in the great outdoors! Weekend Warrior will be held at Kelvin Grove Park just seconds away from Vita Fitness.

Deep Flow Yoga

Deep flow yoga is stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. This class is designed to help you detox through sweat and clear your mind by focusing on the present and develop a more balanced body as well as prevent repetitive motion injuries. We end with a meditation.



All pricing subject to HST
Drop in: $17.70/class
5-Class Pack: $79.65
10-Class Pack: $150.44
20-Class Pack: $283.19
Unlimited Monthly Membership: $163.72
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