Private Training

Our personal training approach is driven by our passion for results. We will work with you one-on-one to create customized programs that suit your personality, lifestyle and fitness goals. We also offer partner coaching and small group training.

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    What improvements you’re looking to make in your life and in your body?

    Fitness Consultation

    Come in for a 30-minute free consultation. We will use this time to get to know you, your fitness history and your fitness goals. From here, we can create a customized training program that best suits you and helps you achieve your desired goals!

    Evaluation & Goal Setting

    We will continue to build on your fitness plan through measurement, reassessment and goal re-setting.


    When you start at Vita Fitness, we will provide you with the knowledge you need to safely execute proper techniques and exercises. Mindful movement is a necessary part of the fitness journey, and we’re passionate about guiding you through!

    Progress Reports

    We will provide you with reports using the Training Notebook and keep track of scheduling in the MINDBODY APP, so you can keep track of your progress and witness how hard work and determination can meet your goals (and sometimes surpass them!).


    All pricing subject to HST.

    Private Training
    30 Minutes 45 Minutes 45 Minutes At-Home
    1 Session: $42 1 Session: $63 1 Session: $85
    5 Sessions: $195 5 Sessions: $330.52 5 Sessions: $390
    10 Sessions: $350 10 Sessions: $525 10 Sessions: $700
    20 Sessions: $660 20 Sessions: $990 20 Sessions: $1,320
    Partner Training Small Group Training Fitness Class Passes
    30 Minutes 30 Minutes Unlimited Monthly Membership: $142
    1 Session: $47 1 Session: $51 Drop-In Class: $18
    5 Sessions: $210 5 Sessions: $225 5 Class Pass: $80
    10 Sessions: $375 10 Sessions: $400 10 Class Pass: $150
    20 Sessions: $700 20 Sessions: $750 20 Class Pass: $283

    Reformer Pilates

    What is Pilates Reformer Training? This exercise takes place on a device called a “Reformer”. The Reformer is an apparatus that uses springs for different levels of resistance to achieve proper muscle length and strength in an organized way.

    This 45 minute Reformer session is a very challenging full-body workout, that allows for deep muscle strengthening, which in turn improves power, strength, flexibility, posture and balance.

    We are offering 45 minute private sessions at a time that best suits you and your schedule at our private downtown gym.

    Restrictions: Participants must be able to tolerate lying down flat on their backs, and be comfortable bearing weight on their wrists for an extended period of time. Any injuries or limitations, must be discussed prior to start of the session.

    First session SPECIAL: 50% off- $42.50

    All pricing subject to HST
    1 session – $85
    5 sessions – $382.50 (10% off)
    10 sessions – $748 (12% off)
    20 sessions – $1462 (14% off)
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